Skinny Dipping With Friends

Skinny Dipping With Friends

Summer had started to roll in and was making for some hot days but tolerable evenings. We had recently just had a pool put in and heater installed with it allowing us to warm the pool enough to take swims comfortably. We weren’t the most outgoing couple, almost always wore our swimsuits even though our pool had complete privacy. Only once have we had sex in the new pool.

Along with the new pool and new neighborhood came some old friends actually. A couple we had been friends with for years moved in on the same street. Weekly hangouts had become fairly normal and we were always hanging out. The wife was extremely beautiful, auburn hair, athletic body, and always was wearing some form of spandex.

I had never really looked at her in any other way than a friend of ours until we started having nighttime swims. She was not shy in the respects that she wore a cheeky bikini that would probably classify as a thong to most people. Naturally, I always tried to keep my eyes away in front of my wife, but any chance I could sneak a peak I’d soak in all of her curves. Everything from her perfectly round breasts, to her defined obliques, to her tight round ass.

Swimming was a bit awkward at first. Everyone would stick close to their spouse and conversation was chopping. After a few weeks, we had relaxed and started adding some alcohol to the mix which really helped. One night, we all were in the pool, a couple beers in, and decided to play some chicken fights. Our wives got up onto our shoulders and began pushing, splashing, and having a great time.

I quickly found myself in a predicament one fight as I was watching her breasts bounce around as she was splashing my wife. My wife’s tight mound was rubbing into the back of my neck. Without really noticing I had a full out boner. Luckily we had forgotten to turn on the pool light and the sun was down far enough that no one could see. After we beat our neighbors, I let my wife down and he bottom grazed my raging cock. She jumped and shot me a look of dread. I smiled and smacked her ass and we all went to the edge of the pool for a drink.

Being quite tipsy, my neighbors wife’s true colors began to show. She was dancing around, drinking, rubbing up on her husband and even my wife here and there. Out of no where she blurted it out asking if we ever skinny dipped. Blushing my wife lied and said we do frequently. Knowing that was a lie I decided to keep the conversation going and asked them the same question. Not having a private back yard, they said no for fear of the neighbors calling the police.

At that moment you could see the lightbulb turn on and she wanted to skinny dip. Sure enough she threw her arms up and said lets skinny dip! My wife shut down and scooted back, her husband standing in shock as his wife un tied her tiny bikini top and exposed her bare breasts. With it getting dark it was hard to see but you could tell she had the hardest nipples and kept bouncing her boobs in the water. Dancing and singing she somehow took off her thong bottoms and threw them to the side of the pull.

Noticing everyone staring and no one else doing it she started egging us on. She swam up to my wife starting trying to untie her top. Giggling and fighting her away, my neighbors wife actually fell back into me. Out of reflex I grabbed her to catch her and completely accidentally grabbed one of her breast. I moved my hand quickly hoping she didn’t notice but I am sure she did. As she regained her footing, she shoved her bare ass backwards and grinded it all the way up my dick. Talk about the biggest turn on in the world. Someone else’s naked wife, skinny dipping, grinding up my cock in front of my wife!

Even more awkward is she kept grinding on me. She threw her arms back up, spilling her beer some, and egged me on to join. Looking at her husband and my wife who were both bright red, I decided to throw my morals out the window and quickly removed my shorts. I threw my arms up and yelled and started dancing with her. The problem now is we are both naked and she’s grinding on my dick. Naturally I got a rather large erection rather quickly. So quickly in fact that it rose straight between her legs and I was pinned against the wall making it impossible for me to try to move or readjust.

At this moment, I had to risk it all and get my wife involved or face accusations of cheating. Without hesitation I reached over, grabbed her bikini top and pulled her over to me and started making out with her. In the process of grabbing her, her top actually came off exposing her tiny little boobs. She quickly cupped them with her hands but I refused to release her to give her the chance to fix her bikini top.

After a few intense seconds of making out she slowly started to relax and really kiss me back. She removed her hands from her bare breasts exposing them to our neighbors and began grabbing my face while we kissed. All the while, my neighbors wife is still grinding on top of my massive erection. I could totally tell she we getting turned on as the water between her legs began to have a bit more of a slime to it from her bare vagina.

I am not sure exactly what happened next but my neighbors wife was in the process of pulling her husband in front of her to make out and try to get him naked when my dick slid straight into her soaking wet pussy. You would have thought she would have pulled right off but no! She did not miss a beat and kept grinding on me while my dick was inside of her! I was somewhat frozen and did not know what to do. Should I push her off and turn all my attention to my wife? Did my wife know what was going on a few inches below where she was standing next to?

While all these thoughts were running through my mind, she was grinding harder and harder on my cock. Before I knew it, I realized I was not that far off from cumming and that is when panic set in. Now what am I suppose to do? Should I pull out and shoot my load in the pull? Should I creampie my neighbors wife? As if I didn’t have enough going on, my wife suddenly started to move her hand from my neck slowly down my chest towards my dick. Knowing what was about to happen if she found out I was fucking our neighbor, I grabbed her hand and redirected it down to her pussy. I began controlling her hand to make nice circular rounds on her tight pussy mound through her bikini bottoms.

I could feel my wife holding in her moans are I was rubbing her pussy. It was the hottest sensation in the world. However, that is when I lost control. My neighbors wife was grinding so hard on my dick I started to cum and there was no stopping it. My dick was throbbing. I shot the biggest load of cum straight into my neighbors pussy. I wanted to let out the biggest moan but couldn’t risk being caught. She must have realized I had finished and her grinding slowed to a stop. She pulled off of my dick and turned with a huge smirk on her face. She then went on to tell everyone it was getting late and it was time to start getting dressed.

As we all slowly and awkwardly got dressed, I was still trying to comprehend what had just happened. She was not saying anything so I was not about to blow our cover. We spent the next few minutes making awkward small talk as we all dried off and they got ready to go. That is how the first time skinny dipping with our friends, lead to me fucking my neighbors wife.

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