My First Cuckhold Experience Part 2

My First Cuckhold Experience Part 2

The next hair cut changed my life. Up until this point I had never cheated on my wife. This time, I planned for what I knew was coming. I decided to wear nothing buy basketball shorts and an old workout t-shirt. Walking across the street, you could perfectly see the outlive of my dick and the old shirt was not long enough to cover if things got dirty again.

After awkward hello’s, we both seem to know something was bound to happen. Janet cut my hair and got right to the facial. She wasted no time and went straight for my lap. My penis went from flaccid to erect so fast I couldn’t believe it. After about 2 minutes of rubbing my thighs, should couldn’t take it anymore. I felt her hand slip right over my cock and she started rubbing it. My heart was pounding so hard even though this is what I planned for. Just then, I heard the door click. I panicked and tried to cross my legs but Janet held them down so as to expose me to whoever just walked in.

That’s when I heard her greet her husband. I was dead. There was no way I was leaving this house alive. I kept trying to move and conceal what had happened but Janet was firmly planted between my legs. After some pleasantries I heard distant doors closing and figured her husband was gone for now. Janet kept stroking my cock and finally reach up my pant leg and gripped my shaft. I swear she gasped as loud as I did. I was getting a hand job from my insanely hot neighbor who was also my barber. She began to stroke harder and harder until I was breathing heavy and on the cusp of orgasming.

As if she could read my mind, just about as I was going to let it all loose and just cum in my shorts, she stopped. She came up and removed the towel and had the most seductive smile on her face. Her shirt was all dishelved and her yoga pants were ajar, she was totally fondling herself! I laid there letting my erection slowly fade away as she dried my face and my hair. I couldn’t believe it. Why did she stop? She had to of done it on purpose. Did she not think I was good enough? We said our goodbyes and the next month was tortuous.

I went over for my next hair cut and this time her husband was sitting in the same room. Discouraged, I made small talk and pretended not to be bummed that nothing was going to happen. As the towel went on my face I felt her hands slip right up my pant legs. I jolted in surprise and again she help my legs down and began stroking my cock. What was she doing?! Her husband was literally 10 feet away. Frozen in fear as my cock grew I just waiting for a punch to come my direction. It never did. After a few minutes of rubbing, Janet pulled the towel off, grabbed my cock, and lead me down the hall. She shoved my onto her bed and began to give me a blow job.

Her mouth was so warm and tight around my 8 inch cock. She slurped and rubbed it from top to bottom sticking as much of it in her mouth as she could. I just closed my eyes and feel into the motions of her sucking. Several minutes later she climbed up on top of me and started kissing. I ripped off her tiny sun dress exposing her beautifully perky breast. That’s when I noticed that while she was straddling me that her vagina was soaking wet and she was not wearing any panties! Her hips gyrated back and forth, her pussy making so much noise, pinching her nipples, and making out. I had died and went to heaven.

My cock was so hard that every time she came to far forward it would lurch up and almost go into her vagina but every time she would stop it. I couldn’t complain. That’s when I heard the door open. My heart sank to my stomach as we were about to get caught by her husband. Janet pinned my arms down and started to hump my dick even harder. I couldn’t move. That’s when I heard the foot steps stop at the end of the bed. I heard a loud smack. Did he just spank her? Again, a loud smack. This time it was accompanied by a loud moan from Janet. That’s when I put it all together. He supported this! Were they into the cuckold lifestyle?

Janet kept thrusting her wet pussy lips over my erection. It felt amazing. I was all but having sex with my wife’s friend all while her husband watched and spanked her. Out of no where she stopped. I looked up at her and she smiled. That’s when I felt a hand grab my dick. I about yelped as I was not into men but that’s when I felt him rubbing the tip of my dick against the opening of her vagina. Janet must have seen the look of fear on my face because she began kissing me as passionately as I’d even been. A few moments of rubbing my dick on Janet’s pussy, I felt him shove her into body down onto my penis. She let out the loudest moan and her body quivered.

You have to remember I am not small by any means and he literally just force as much of my penis into as he possibly could. He then walked over to the side of the bed and unzipped his pants. Janet began to give him head as she slowly started to grind up and down on my dick. I had never thought of a MMF threesome before but I was extremely aroused. Watching Janet give her husband head while she was having sex with me was a fantasy come true. You could tell Janet was getting more and more turned on as her rhythm picked up and he vagina somehow became even more wet.

Janet’s husband grabbed her head and lead her around in a half circle to make her start riding my reverse cowgirl. Her husband went and sat down across the room and was stroking his tiny cock. I could see why they liked this lifestyle. He did not have anythign to offer her that’s for sure. Out of no where it was like my body realized what was going on and what my dick had been through. I looked down and could see her creamy pussy sliding down barely 3/4 of the way and back up. She had the tightest asshole I had ever seen. No notice whatsoever I was on the edge of orgasming. This all had happened so fast I had not put on a condom or anything.

I started to writhe around and moan signifying I was close and to get off but that seemed to make he ride me even harder. Finding my voice I muttered out the words that I am about to cum but should wouldn’t move. I looked at her husband and he too was rubbing his cock as fast as he could. Just as I was about to cum, I shoved up on her butt to get her off but she was expecting it and shoved her whole weight down on my cock. She let out a yell as it must of hurt and I shot the biggest load of cum straight into her vagina. My whole body was convulsing. As I began to regain control of myself, she slowly slid off of my dripping wet cock and went to get her robe.

Finding my clothes, I got dressed as fast as I could. Both of them just watched me smiling. We exchanged small talk for a moment and then left trying to understand what had just happened. I had just fucked my neighbors wife while he watched.

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