My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 1

My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 1

We were high school sweethearts that had dated for years. We both were doing remote college and living together in our first home. This was somewhat taboo as we were saving it for marriage. We would take it about as far as you could without actually touching bare private parts. Each night, I would lay in her bed and watch TV since she hated being alone. Inevitably, we would begin spooning, I would begin to massage her back and she would behind moving her hips ever so slightly. She knew just how to make me hard and a drive me crazy knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it. The harder my dick got, the harder she would grind into it with her firm, athletic butt. 

c I was able to grab her amazingly firm and young breasts but she always kept a tank top on. She would always pick the thinnest one that showed her hard nipples just to drive me crazy. As we romped around things would finally settle and she would start to doze off and I would head to my bed with the worst case of blue balls ever. 

During remote college my fiancé became really close friends with a girl named Danielle. Danielle was a super tiny, dark haired, big eyed, beautiful smile woman that practically became a roommate. She was always at our house to get away from her family. We would cook her dinner, play games and watch movies. I obviously found her attraction but never thought to act on it. 

One night while playing a card game I was sitting in between the girls around our small coffee table. We all had become quite close so I didn’t think much of it when Danielle stretches her leg out and laid it across my lap. After all, it was a small table and a tight fit. That’s when I first thought, I wonder what it’d be like to maybe try something with her. I wasn’t thinking about cheating really but more so the thrill of seeing if I could convince another girl to be interested in me. Over the next several times we hung out I started to pay more attention to Danielle. She started letting her thong hang out more, I swear she looked for opportunities to squeeze in front of me to rub her tight bottoms against me, and she kept putting her hands on me every chance she could. 

I decided to engage a bit just to see how far things would go. One night, my wife stepped out to the restroom and Danielle was sitting on the edge of the couch. I went up behind her and started firmly rubbing her shoulders and making small talk. I immediately noticed her bodies reaction. Her arms and legs were covered in goose bumps and she was as stiff as a board. My mind started racing. Did I read things wrong? Did I cross a line? Will she tell my fiancé?  I rubbed a bit longer then stopped as I heard the toilet flush so as to not be caught in the act. 

I spent the next several minutes wondering if I took things too far. When my fiancé returned, everything felt normal and Danielle was acting as if nothing happened. As Danielle was packing up, my fiancé gave her a hug and walked away as I went up to give her my usual hug goodnight. This time, she embraced me differently, pulled me in as close as she could, push her pubic bone onto my penis and let out a breath that I swear was a moan. The hug lasted so long I was sure my fiancé was going to catch us and not to mention I had quite the bulge growing in my pants. I had to make the impossible choice to pull away and say goodnight. 

To be continued…

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