My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 2

My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 2

That night my mind was racing with scenarios. I had never thought I’d cheat on my fiancé and I never honestly thought Danielle would be interested in me let alone her best friends fiancé. As I was making out with my fiancé that night like we always did, I let my mind wander and actually pretended it was Danielle on top of me. I swear my cock had never been so hard. I could tell my fiancé noticed because she was grinding on it like never before. I was grabbing her breast, kissing her neck, imagining it was Danielle’s tight body on top of me. I usually could control it pretty well but things were so hot and heavy I realized I was on the edge of an huge orgasm. Again, having to make an impossible decision I rolled her over and said I couldn’t hold it and we needed to save it for marriage. She never would admit it but I am sure she orgasmed that night. 

As I laid in my bed trying to fall sleep, I couldn’t get Danielle out of my mind and I couldn’t get rid of this erection. I waited a bit to know she was asleep and I began stroking my penis. It felt so good. I closed my eyes and thought about Danielle sitting there being the one one giving me a hand job. It took barely any time at all before I had a ridiculous orgasm. I shot cum all over my stomach, dripping down my erect penis,  convulsing. I just had the best orgasm of my life.

The next night, Danielle came over again, this time wearing a black, thin, skirt and a very thin shirt. I could see every outline of her beautiful body, her thong underwear, and her nipples! She wasn’t wearing a bra! I couldn’t believe and thought surely my fiancé would catch on. I noticed her check out Danielle and I swear she smirked. What is happening?! I shrugged it off and went out to grill some hamburgers. After dinner, both girls were sitting on the floor in front of the couch so I sat behind my fiancé and started rubbing her shoulders. I joked saying Danielle must be safe and feeling left out. My fiancé moved over and told Danielle to have a turn! As I slowly rubbed her shoulders, I could see down her top, and actually watched her nipples become extremely hard through her tight shirt. Again, I saw my fiancé glance over and smirk. Was she enjoying this? Did she want more to happen?

I nudged them both forward and said lay down in front of the television it’ll be more comfortable. I mounted my fiancé first so as to not raise any alarms. I pulled her shirt up exposing her bare back and bra strap. I rubbed her a good while when Danielle’s leg slowly rubbed up against mine as a hint to switch. So I joked Danielle’s turn and went and straddled her. I figured I’d do the exact same thing and pulled on her shirt to expose her bare back and forgot she wasn’t wearing a bra. As I pulled her shirt up I felt her bare breast release and laid them down on out carpet. Right then it was like shocks traveled all the way up to my penis and it began to grow. Uh oh. I tried to position myself so that she wouldn’t know and rubbed her from top to just above her panty line.  

At this point, I had been on Danielle for way to long so I switched back to my fiancé. With her, she had felt my erection before so as I massaged her, I started grinding my raging erection in between her butt checks.  She had on jean shorts, so it was a bit rough, I decided to push my boundaries even with her and pulled her shorts half way down over her bottom revealing the hottest bright red thong I had even seen. Now, I had caught glimpses before but this was the most I had seen of my fiancé’s bottom and boy did it not disappoint! I continued to rub her lower back, massage the top of her butt cheeks, and grind my cock the best I could into her butt. It was time to switch back to Danielle. I figured my fiancé would pull her pants up since we had company but to my surprise she left her bulging ass busting out of her shorts. Back on Danielle I started rubbing her lower back and could feel her wiggling her hips. Come to find out, she was rubbing her vagina against the floor! So I went ahead and pulled her skirt half way down her butt exposing the sexiest lace black thong. My cock was so hard it hurt. 

I lost all control. I started rubbing her butt and grinding my erection straight in better her butt cheeks. Since she had on a thin black skirt, my cock was all but disappearing in between. Her wiggling hips had now turned to rhythmic grinding against my cock. I looked over at my fiancé and she had her eyes closed so I took this moment to pull Danielle’s skirt all the way below her bottom, I shoved my cock in between her cheeks, I reached up to her shoulders and gave her the firmest hump I could. She let out a gasp of pleasure that I’m sure my fiancé heard so I quickly released and jumped back on top of my fiancé. 

To be continued…

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