My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 3

My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 3

Up to this point I had kept everything even so I figured I’d keep pushing our boundaries and slipped my fiancé’s shorts all the way over her sexy athletic bottom. I grabbed her firm butt cheeks and massaged them, pulling them apart giving me a sneak peek of her beautiful butt hole and tight pussy mound. With basketball shorts on there was no hiding my fully erect penis, so I took a leap of faith and slid it directly up against her vagina. Even though her panties and my shorts were in the way, it was the closest we had ever been to sex. I leaned in and started rubbing her shoulders and humping my penis as far in as it would go. 

I went back down to rubbing her butt while rhythmically humping and as I pulled her butt cheeks apart I could tell that she was so went and excited that the whole tip of my clothed penis was inside her! I slowly pulled the inch out that had slipped in and my shorts were soaked. I let my dick slowly rise, rubbing right over her beautiful butt hole. It was time to go back to Danielle. I didn’t know how this was going to go now that my shorts were soaked with my pre cum and my fiancé’s vagina juices but I threw it all to the wind and let my tip graze up and down her butt crack. She jumped at first but then she arched her back so as if to welcome me. Was Danielle watching what had just happened? Dare I try the same thing? With her back arched I started massaging her butt checks and pulling them as wide apart as I could. Without a second thought I shoved my cock up against her wet panties and started grinding it in as far as it’s go. She let out a moan and my heart sank. I shot my eyes over to my fiancé who was smirking. She reached her arm up to Danielle’s face and rubbed her lips with her thumb. 

Such a subtle motion and my cock throbbed so hard I just about came! I slowed down and began to focus on not cumming when I noticed Danielle sneak her other hand under herself and I could feel her begin to rub her pussy! She was really trying to get herself off! At this point, probably a good 2-3 inches of my penis were inside my fiancé’s best friend, grinding, thrusting, while she pleasured herself. As I continued to pretend I was actually massaging and not somewhat having sex with my fiancé’s best friend, I watched Danielle reach over and grab my fiancé’s bare butt cheek and start rubbing it. Again, my penis pulsed so hard I about shot a load inside Danielle. I stopped and fumbled back to my fiancé leaving Danielle somewhat disgruntled.

I immediately spread my fiancé’s butt wide apart and thrusted my dick as far in as I could with her panties still in the way. I know both of us were justifying it as not really being sex since she had on a thong and I was still in my shorts. However, my fiancé was losing the battle of not succumbing to an orgasm. I couldn’t stop either. I looked over at Danielle and she was now rubbing my fiancé’s face and actually had her thumb in my fiancé’s mouth. Danielle began to slowly turn to the point that I could start making out her bare nipple. I was stunned. I hadn’t even seen my fiancé’s nipples yet. I looked Danielle up and down, all but naked on my floor, who was starting to vigorously rub her pussy while I humped my fiancé.

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