My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 4

My Fiancé’s Best Friend – Part 4

By this time, I was no longer massaging. I was purely grabbing my fiancé by the should and trying my hardest to get my whole cock inside of her.  Danielle was now almost laying on her side, bare breast exposed, moaning and rubbing her clit.  My fiancé was just laying there, smiling, and watching Danielle.  This whole night was so surreal I decided to push it a bit farther.  Since my fiancé seemed so fascinated my Danielle, I grabbed my fiancé’s hand and slowly moved it over on top of Danielle’s bare breast.  I felt her hand trembling all the way there.  As soon as it landed on Danielle’s breast, she immediately gave it a tight squeeze which caused Danielle to let out the most sensual moan I had ever heard.

My mission turned from trying to full penetrate my fiancé to helping get Danielle to cum. Since my fiancé was grabbing her breasts, I decided to let my hand wander all down her back, over her butt cheek and tried to reach for her vagina. Boy was she wet! Between my cock penetrating her over her thong and her rubbing herself so aggressively her panties were all disheveled. It took me a moment to realize that the moisture I was touching was actually her bare pussy! I froze my hand contemplating my next move. Another first with Danielle I hadn’t even had with my fiancé. Before I could come to a conclusion on what to do, Danielle shifted her butt to the side and arched and my middle finger slid all the way into her soaking wet vagina. It was so warm and moist. I looked back at my fiancé and she was locked in a gaze with Danielle, pinching her nipple so hard, I decided to push my luck and began sliding my finger in and out. 

After fingering Danielle for a few moments I slid a second finger in and she gasped. She was so close to orgasm. All of our focus was on her. Within a few minutes she began to move around and moan uncontrollably. I felt her vagina started pulsing and squeezing around my soaking wet fingers. Danielle then squeezed everything so tight and let out the longest moan. That was it, she has just had the biggest orgasm in the middle of my living room, being fingered by her best friends fiancé’s while he best friend was caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. As Danielle’s muscles relaxed I realized how close I was to cumming and there was no stopping it. I reached up and grabbed my fiancé’s neck from being and started thrusting as hard as her thong would allow. She started moaning louder and louder with each thrust. 

In holding her by the neck, it exposed her bra covered breast to Danielle. Danielle looked up at me and then reached over and unclasped my fiancé’s bra. Her breast were no bouncing with my everything thrust. Danielle didn’t stop there. She reached under, pulled the loose bra up and grabbed one of my fiancé’s breast so tight I felt her gasp for air. I still hadn’t seen her bare breast and I still hadn’t bare back penetrated her so I kept telling myself we were still saving it. That’s when I could feel my fiancé’s vagina start tightening around my cock. It was too late, she was cumming! With her neck in one hand I reached around and grabbed her other bare breast which was met with another loan moan. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally touching her boob after all these years. A few moments later she let out a loud moan and her body started shaking. I slowed my thrusts and released me grip on her neck and breast. 

In some form of heroic form I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and let it sit on her bottom for a minute. Trying to comprehend that I just had dry humped my fiancé to an orgasm AND fingered her best friend to an orgasm. After a few minutes I got up and excused myself to the restroom to take care of myself. 

When I returned, the girls were both fully dressed, cuddling on the couch watching television like nothing had happened. 

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