The Hot Tub Affair - Part 1

The Hot Tub Affair – Part 1

My fiancé and I recently had a pool and hot tub put into our home. We had officially broken it in if you know what I mean but that’s not the point of this story. Shortly after construction had finished we were excited to have our friends over. Peyton and Cole were good friends of ours that were also engaged. When they arrived we stood around the kitchen chatting for a bit before heading out into the back yard.  The hot tub was already warmed up to 104 degrees of pure relaxing joy.  I took my shirt off and got right in. Sitting there I was given the best view of Peyton taking off her shirt and shorts exposing her tightly toned body, perky breast, and the the most spectacular yellow bikini.  Cole was also in amazing shape, he was a runner so he had a great six pack and veins running all over.  I noticed my fiancé watching him take his shirt off and was smiling ear to ear.  I guess I didn’t have room to talk as I was just awe struck over Peyton so I shrugged it off.

As the night went on we were all relaxing in the hot tub talking about stories of our past when I noticed Cole jump like something scared him.  His body froze still and saw him shoot a look over at my fiancé.  There were too many jets and bubbles to really tell what was happening but he quickly went back to talking.  I was feeling pretty relaxed at this point so I laid my head back and was looking through the crease of my barely closed eyes.  I saw Cole jump again but this time I could see my fiancé’s arm move ever so slightly.  What was she doing? They had always been super friendly but I never thought anything of it.  That’s when I also saw Cole’s arm seemingly stretched over towards my fiancé’s lap.  Were they playing some game of handsy under there? I was talking to Peyton while trying to not stare but I was becoming worried. My fiancé sunk as low as she could in the water and I could still see Cole moving his hand around. 

There is something you have to understand. My fiancé and I were saving it for our wedding night. We hadn’t seen or even touched each other sexually. Of course we would make out and I would grab her breast but always over her shirt. Was she already doing something with one of our best friends? Continuing to try and watch while talking to Peyton and that’s when I saw Cole’s hand emerge ever so slightly and it was on my fiancé’s breast!! I couldn’t take it, I had to stop this. I interrupted Peyton and said let’s get in the pool to cool off and have a chicken fight assuming my fiancé would be on shoulders. Wrong! My fiancé piped up and said let’s switch partners. Confusion had set in. As we all stood up, my fears were validated because Cole had a HUGE erection. I mean a good 7-8 inch raging dick. There was no hiding it. He hopped over into the pool as fast as he could. 

Peyton climbed up onto my shoulders and my fiancé up onto Cole. Oddly enough, instead of holding her legs, his hands reach up behind her and he was plainly holding her ass!! This is when my penis decided to join the party and realized Peyton’s super tight mound was rubbing up and down my neck. Oh boy, now I had a situation growing. I’m not sure but I think Peyton was enjoying it too as he humping was definitely exaggerated. After a good few games we went back to the hot tub. This time sitting all side by side so we could see the sunset. Again, Cole awkwardly sat on the other side of my fiancé and I was between the two girls. It wasn’t long before my fiancé sank down and seem to be squirming around.  Trying to take control of the situation again, I put my arm across her torso and sat it on her opposite leg.  This seem to startle both of them as they both froze. 

Finally, I had a hold on the situation…or so I thought.  As we quietly watched the sun going down I could feel the movement of my fiancé’s right arm moving water around the hot tub. However, it wasn’t touching me, she had to have been touching Cole. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and I saw that my fiancé was staring at Cole and he had his head laid back with his eyes closed.  I think she was giving him a hand job! Now keep in mind, she has never even seen my dick let alone touched it.  How could she do this to me? As I sat their contemplating what to do Cole started writhing back and forth and let out the most subtle moan. Oh. My. God. She just made him cum! All the motion stopped, Cole’s body relaxed, and my fiancé’s arm stopped moving. 

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