The Hot Tub Affair - Part 2 - I could see her pussy

The Hot Tub Affair – Part 2

As you can imagine the next few days were pretty awkward.  I never addressed what I think I witnessed in the spa.  However, my fiancé  was not helping her case in constantly insisting that night was so much fun and we should do it again really soon. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and we set up another hot tub night. Peyton and Cole arrived and everyone seemed just fine except me.  I still wasn’t sure how to feel and was trying to watch every single move my fiancé and Cole made.  We headed into the back yard and everyone started undressing into their swimsuits.  This time, Cole was wearing a much smaller swimsuit with very thin material.  You’d have to be blind to miss the size of his penis.  I immediately turned my attention to my fiancé  who was staring directly as his massive bulge.  I would have thought it was purely innocent had it not been the other night and the fact that her body seemed to be reacting to it. Her shoulders tightened up, her nipples were hard as rocks, and she had quite a mischievous smile on her face. I had not noticed what she was even wearing until that moment, she put on her cheeky bright red bikini that when she bought it, she said was just for us since it was quite revealing.  The bikini top showed her nipples clear as day, the bottoms perfectly cupped her tight pussy, and obviously showed a large portion of her butt cheeks.

As if all that wasn’t enough to process I looked over and Peyton was bent over wearing a bright blue thong bikini. Not a cheeky bottom, a full out thong.  I could see everything. I could see the outline of her butthole, the edges of her pussy lips barely covered, and she was already wet! What in the world is happening? Was I the only one that didn’t get the memo that this was turning into a softcore porno? At this point I was dazed, confused, and getting a chubby so I took off for the jacuzzi.  Just like last week, Cole awkwardly sat on the other side of my fiancé and Peyton sat next to me.  Was this really the play? Was I suppose to make a move on Peyton? I swear we hadn’t been on the hot tub all but 5 minutes when Cole leans forward and positions himself in a way that I am sure his hand was on my fiancé’s leg but was trying to make it seem like he just has turned in to talk. I watched as he talked, his arm motioned slowly back and forth obviously rubbing her leg.  So I figured two could play at this game and I slowly placed my hand on Peyton’s leg.  She didn’t even flinch, it was like she was waiting for it.  I started running my hand up and down her smooth thigh.

Once my heart stopped pounding, I looked back over at my fiancé and Cole to realize my fiancé had her head back and was already enjoying whatever he was doing way too much.  Watching closer, I could tell that Cole had moved his hand completely up to her vagina and was slowly rubbing it in circles.  What I failed to notice was that she was also already stroking his cock, again! This time they were not being shy about it, they were just quietly enjoying each while Peyton and I talked.  As I continued to watch this unfold, I realized I was getting exceptionally turned on.  Whether this was because I was touching Peyton or could it be I was turned on watching my fiancé with some other guy?

As it turns out, I think Peyton already knew what was happening and starting opening her legs as if to invite me to rub her vagina as well.  I took it very cautiously and let me rubbing strokes go higher and higher until I know my hand was grazing her pussy.  She sank down and spread her legs wide open giving me the perfect path to fully cup her vagina in my hand.  I began to slowly rub my fingers up and down over her bikini right on top of her clit.  Her breathing changed and you could almost here a sigh of pleasure.  I felt her vagina beginning to swell and her lips opening wider and wider.  Since she was wearing that tiny blue thong bikini, it was long before the thong completely slipped in between her pussy lips and I was touching some bare vagina.

As you can imagine, I was fully erect at this point.  My cock was throbbing and aching for attention.  Since Peyton’s eyes were closed, I looked back to my fiancé and Cole who were seemingly going at it now.  I decided to push things with my fiancé, I know we had been saving ourselves for marriage, but if she was going to give another guy a handjob, I wanted to at least feel her grab my dick even if it was over my shorts.  So I reached down, grab her hand, which caused her to jump, and slowly moved it to my thigh as to hint at what I wanted. My fiancé got the picture and slowly moved her hand and grasped my raging erection.  In the excitement I must have stopped rubbing Peyton’s vagina because I felt her hands grab mine and she slid my hand inside her bikini. I had not even touched my fiancé like this before and my dick knew it.  It did the biggest quiver and somehow became even harder. I started to rub my fingers up and down over Peyton’s clit, sliding fingers in between her pussy lips and even letting them explore a bit lower just lightly touching her butthole. 

My fiancé started to breathe heavily and out of no where turned over and started making out with me.  Should I stop rubbing Peyton’s vagina? I didn’t know what to do so I just kept rubbing while my fiancé now was stroking my cock very aggressively while making out with me. It was then that I realized, what was Cole doing? At that exact moment, my fiancé let out a huge gasp and a moan that could not be mistaken.  Cole was not just fingering my fiancé anymore, he stuck his massive cock inside of her! Not being able to think, I felt my fiancé being thrusted into me while making out by another man.

I was frozen yet again, unable to rub Peyton, barely able to kiss my fiancé and that’s when Peyton turn in towards all of us pulled my shorts down! I had never been exposed to my fiancé let alone Peyton.  As soon as my cock flipped out of my shorts, my fiancé grabbed it and kept stroking without missing a beat. That’s when Peyton reached down and grabbed the base of my cock and began stroking rhythmically along with my fiancé’s hand. I figured, there was nothing left to lose so I reached back between Peyton’s legs and slid two of my fingers as deep as I could inside her throbbing pussy. This was the first time I heard Peyton let out a moan.  I began to finger her pussy as fast as I could, which seemed to turn Cole on because he started thrusting into my fiancé’s vagina even harder to where she was not even trying to hide her moaning any more. Within a few minutes my fiancé began to lose her breath and I could hear her whisper “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” so without a second thought I reach up and pulled her top up and pinched her nipple as hard as I could.  She threw her head back and and orgasmed for what seemed like two minutes straight. As my fiancé began to regain some control she saw how close Peyton was so she stopped stroking me, pulled up Peyton’s top to expose her amazingly tight boobs and began squeezing and pinching her nipples. 

Peyton started yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as I felt her pussy squeezing and pulsing around my hand.  She sank back, out of breath, and just laid there enjoying the jets and smiling ear to ear.  In the midst of Peyton cumming, I completely forgot that Cole was still having sex with my fiancé! I looked back over and I could tell by his face he was close to shooting a load.  Was he going to cum in my fiancé? Would he pull out? I watched as he thrust harder and harder, my fiancé moaned again louder and louder.  It was so hot that I was on the edge of orgasming myself.  My fiancé stroked faster and faster and this time it was me that let out a moan and let out a huge load of cum.  Cole then started grunting and to my shock he did 3 or 4 really hard thrust and he came in my fiancé’s vagina!  Apparently my fiancé did not care because she fell forward onto me, laying on my chest, breathing heavily. I couldn’t believe it, my fiancé not only lost her virginity to our best friend, but he also shot his load of cum inside her.

We all slowly fixed our swimsuits after several minutes of catching out breath and decided to call it a night.  I figured my fiancé would go take a shower and try to get all of Cole’s semen out of her, but she crawled straight into bed and went to sleep.

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