Cheating Wife With Masseuse at Home

Cheating Wife With Masseuse at Home

My wife and I have talked a lot about our fantasy’s and her being a cheating wife. We have always been extremely conservative as a couple. It took us ten years to even introduce vibrators, of which, we do not use together, but my wife uses alone from time to time. I would admit, I am the adventurous one that is always asking and trying to do new things. My wife, being so conservative, made it hard to really entertain new things. One day, we started talking about how I thought it’d be extremely attractive to see her with another guy. I have always dreamed about her taking a big cock and really being dominated in ways that I could not with my average size dick.

Oddly enough, my wife did not completely knock the idea. She was purely dreaming and not actually thinking of doing it. Acknowledging it’d be hot was a win in of itself. Explaining to her that watching her get pleased by another man gave me the strongest erections I had in awhile. Being about to watch her get stretched, dominated, choked, would make me so raging hard I could almost cum with no touch.

I began scheming on how to get her touched by another man. Not necessarily fucked, but just to get hands on her to begin with. That’s when a massage popped into my mind. She has always been uncomfortable with the vulnerability with massages but I figured with her opening up a bit that it might prove to be a bit different. I began searching everywhere I could find for an in-home masseuse, that was male, good looking, and had some favorable feedback if you know what I mean.

After a few days searching I found the perfect candidate. He was a strong looking male, broad shoulders, gorgeous smile, and all his reviews were of women just gushing over him. The other part of him that stood out is he also did some chiropractic exercises in his massage. What this meant to me, is a lot of moving, more chances for the sheet to expose her, and deeper hands on movements.

I approached my wife with this new idea in that I wanted to try him out and wanted to book us back to back in home massages. Thankfully she agreed it sounded nice and when I showed her his picture I could see a noticeable grin and change in body composer. I immediately reached out to him and got us all squared away.

A few days day, there was a knock and the door and he was here. I set him up in the master bedroom as it was more private and intimate feeling. My wife was around doing some chores so I had some time to talk with the masseuse as he was working on me. I let him know that my wife is a bit nervous but I was hoping he could help her relax and push her boundaries a bit. He smiled, seemingly understanding exactly what I was getting at.

I did not outline any requests or guidelines, honestly, I didn’t even know what I expected to happen or even wanted to happen. Did I want her to fuck him? What would I do if he fingered her? Did he even understand that I wanted him to touch her? My mind was racing as he finished my massage and adjustments. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to fetch me wife.

The masseuse stepped outside so my wife could get undressed. I was still in our bedroom with her as she was nervous. She was trying to convince me she needed to leave on spanks and a sports bra. I explained and borderline pleaded that she really would enjoy it more if she went topless and no panties. After a few pleading comments, I decided to take a dominating approach, I grabbed her by the throat and pulled him into kiss me. After a long embrace, I released her throat, unclasped her bra, feeling her warm breast against my chest.

Her nipples become so erect and she gasped. Without giving time to think, I reached down and removed her tight booty shorts. I came right back up, again grabbing her by the throat, and guided her down to the massage table. I looked her dead in the eyes and said to relax and enjoy it. She rolled over and I covered her with the sheet and wen to fetch the masseuse.

I made a point to tell him that she’s completely naked and ready for whatever he had in store. Still in a towel, I left the door partly opened so I could watch. The masseuse saw my actions were deliberate and he smiled. He started on her shoulders, slowly moving down her back. After the first first minutes, I could see her body language change and her relax into the table.

He had finally reached the glutes and was rubbing them over the sheet. I was disappointed. As I was about to try and get his attention, he pulled her knee up to the side, moved the sheet half exposing her bare ass, and began rubbing the back of her leg. Normally the masseuse would tuck the sheet down to make sure the vagina is covered, but he didn’t. The sheet overshot and I had a clear view of her moist pussy as did the masseuse. I could tell she got a bit uncomfortable but she left it be. Watching the masseuse rub his hand from the back of her knee, up her hamstring, onto her bare ass, then slowly pulling it back down spreading her butt cheeks to expose her tiny little asshole and visibly moist vagina.

Moving to the other leg, he pulled it out to the side, lazily tossed the sheet again, this time it falling to her other side, exposing her whole bare ass. I saw her hands twitch as if to try and fix it, but he laid right into the strongest stroke of her leg up to her ass that she audibly gasped and her hands dropped. This leg he got more brave and began to allow his hand to all but touch her exposed lips. Bumping into the outer edge of her groin with each stroke you could see my wife start squirming from the pleasure. As if too excited, the masseuse skipped her lower legs and feet and prompted her to roll over.

Without missing a beat she rolled over and he loosely covered her with the sheet. Her nipples so erect I could see them from the couch through the sheet. He began to rub her shoulders and making long passes under her body causing her to arch and his face to be increasingly closer to her boobs. Each time he reached under her, he moved his face closer and closer to her breast. The best part, with each motion the sheet inched lower and lower down her chest. Literally to the point her nipples were the only thing keep the sheet from exposing her amazingly perky breasts.

By this point, I was rock hard and stroking my dick under my towel, the masseuse full well knowing what I was doing. Looking at me, as if he understood my thoughts, hooked the sheet with his thumbs on his last pass down under her back fully exposing her breasts and his lips gently touched the middle of her chest. Again she left out the most noticeable gasp and as she started to reach to fix the sheet he dug his hands in, pulling them up her back, causing her to moan and arch more than I have even seen her do. Forgetting about the sheet, she left her boobs exposed as he did a few more strokes underneath her, kissing her a little bit each time. Moving from the center to just barely touching his lips to the outside of her breast.

Letting her back relax, he pulled his hands around and began to massage the tops of her breasts. Moving quickly and firmly to not give her anytime to change her mind he took no time to start rubbing her entire boob. Grabbing a full hand and pinching her nipples. I sat there stroking my cock watching this other man play with my wife’s boobs. I was so turned on and apparently so was my wife as her legs began to move around in a familiar aroused way.

The masseuse moved to the side and tossed the sheet half over to expose her full right breast, rib and hip. The sheet was ever so slightly still covering her now aching pussy. With his left hand still massaging her breast, he took his right hand and was making circles on her lower abdomen. Each time edging ever so slightly lower to her vagina. Without a moments noticed he slid his right hand straight down the middle of her vagina causing her to let out the most sexual moan I have ever heard. He did not stop. He rubbed his hand up and down, covering her moist pussy with her own juices and oil.

After a minute or so of rubbing this man did what I was dreaming about. He slid in his to middle fingers directly into my wife’s pussy. Being a huge man, his hands were large and his fingers went in so deep. Probably deeper than my dick had ever been able to reach. In and out, he continued to finger the absolute shit out of her. Moaning and crying out in please my wife kicked off he sheet entirely. Completely naked, laying on the table, getting absolutely finger banged by a hot masseuse.

Not being able to take it much longer I got up and walked into the room. I wanted a front row seat. Pinching her nipples, fingering her as hard and as fast as he could. I looked my wife in the eyes, I could see the intense pleasure and also her longing for more. I told her to grab his dick. Not even thinking for a second she reached over, pulled down his pants and oh my god the biggest dick I had even seen came flying out. She had to stroke it with two hands, it had to of been 8 to 9 inches and the girth was unreal. Stroking it and moaning her head shot back. This was it, this was the moment. She lost all control and began to cum. Harder and wetter the sounds got as her entire body shook uncontrollably as she orgasmed hard than I had ever seen.

Laying back, body twitching, smiling, she closed her eyes. Exposed to me and the masseuses’, no covers, no clothes, absolutely dominated. The masseuse, smiling as well, pulled up his pants, grabbed the sheet to cover her back up, and finished out with a nice cool down massage. This was the day that changed my marriage for ever.

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