Massage Gun Masturbation

Massage Gun Masturbation

Accidental massage gun masturbation on a good friend of mine. I have know this girl since high school and we did everything together. We both were in relationships but had garnered enough trust with our significant others that they never suspected much. We often times would go to the gym, me in a tank top, her in a sports bra, and push each other to be better. However, with that, we also play a lot more than we should have. On squats, I often times would stand to close and her tight ass would graze up and down my dick. She would never say anything and half the time would scoot back just to try and make me hard in front of the gym. There weren’t really any limits in our relationship. I would often times flick her hard ass nipples as they poked through her sports bra and she’d smack my ass any chance she got.

One of the new Tik Tok trends that started was people buying those massage guns. So naturally, we followed suit and bought one. The first day that we had it, we ended up home alone. We had just finished a workout so I asked if she wanted me to try it out on her. I picked the big ball attachment and started going to town. I started on her shoulders, then her back, down to her lower back, grazed over her but and started on her legs. Being funny, I slowly inched towards her butthole and gave her a bit of a shock. To my surprise, she wiggled and moaned! She didn’t say anything and didn’t tell me to stop so I made another loop and again hit her butthole with the massage gun for a little longer that time. Again, she moved around in pure enjoyment it seemed letting out subtle moans.

This time, I went down her legs and on the way back up I grazed across her vagina. In her leggings, I had a clear view of everything so I know I hit it. This time when I grazed her though, instead of the small moans, she let out the most sexual noise I had ever heard. As I worked up her back a little bit I notice a wet spot forming on the crotch of her leggings. Game on. I went straight down her butt crack, stopping on her butthole for a few then straight down her pussy lips and hit her clit. She arched her butt up as if she was inviting me to continue but not being my girlfriend I didn’t want to push it much farther.

Her pussy was so wet at this point and her leggings were soaked. Trying to not be completely obvious, I turned the gun all the way up. She must have know what was coming because she spread her legs a bit more and arched ever so slightly giving me the cleanest shot. I went along the inside of her leg, up towards her soaked pussy as slow as possible. The suspense must have been killing her as her breathing was fast and shallow. I reached the crack of her groin and slowly crossed over onto her vagina. Still moving so as to not seem like making her cum was my only objective at this point, it didn’t seem to matter. She lets out some crazy sexual moans and started quivering as I reached the other side of her groin.

I started down her other legs as she was still shaking. Did I just make my best from cum with a massage gun? I couldn’t believe it. The few couple passes over her tight pussy in super tight grey legging pushed her right to an orgasm. I worked my way up her back and her body completely had relaxed at that point. I stopped the massage gun and she let out softest sigh and smile. That is how I made my best friend cum with a massage gun.

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