The Massage - Male Masseuse - Part 1

The Massage – Male Masseuse – Part 1

Being a young girl, I never felt comfortable going to get a massage. There always seems to be horror stories of the male masseuse taking advantage of women, especially a young lady like me. I was 22 years old, A collegiate volleyball player, and very shy. Another thing was, I was also a virgin, I had only had one boyfriend up until this point and the farthest we ever went was making out. 

I obviously had explored my own body, I think I have given myself an orgasm before, but even making myself cum made me feel uncomfortable because I was so shy. Some nights I would lay in bed and slowly let my fingers explore my perky breasts and slowly let them explore down into my panties. More often than not, I would start to feel ashamed and roll over and just go to sleep.

Many of the girls on my volleyball team talk about how they go and get massages to keep their bodies in perfect performing shape. My body was getting to the point where my muscles were so sore and knotted up all the time I just needed to do something. I went searching for a local massage parlor that had a female masseuse with good reviews. Picking a female masseuse seemed like a good way to put my fears at ease.

The day of my massage was here, so I picked my most conservative undergarments so as to try and keep as much modesty as I could. When I arrived at the massage parlor and asked for Becky my worst fear came to light. They let me know that Becky had called in sick today and that I would be having a male masseuse named Micah. 

They took me back to my massage room and told me to undress to a comfortable level and get underneath the sheet. My heart was pounding, should I just cancel? Can I trust this guy? My body was aching so bad that I decided I should stick it out and hope for the best.

I took my clothes off as fast as I could and rushed underneath the sheet. The last thing that I wanted to happen was him to walk in while I was still undressing. The cold sheets on my partially nude body made my nipples as hard as rocks. Luckily I wore a very thick bra and had the sheet pulled up to my neck. However, the part that I did not plan for was how wet my vagina was going to be. I was sure I already had a huge wet spot on my maroon cheeky boy shorts. Would the sheet ever be pulled up that high? With the male masseuse see my extremely wet vagina?

Panic begin to set in again. Just as I was about to get up to get dressed and cancel my appointment, there was a very light knock on the door. My heart started beating so fast that I swear I could hear it outside of my body. The door slowly opened and Mika walked in. He was about 6 foot tall, Black hair, a very nice manicured beard, and had the nicest biceps I’ve ever seen.

After some small talk and asking me where my problem areas were, Michael dimmed the lights and started down at my feet. As I laid there staring at the ceiling, my mind was racing with all kinds of different scenarios. However, after a few minutes of my feet being rubbed my mind began to calm down and I was actually enjoying the relaxation that was coming over my body.

After a few minutes, Michael moved the shade off of my right leg exposing from my hip all the way down to my foot. He must have felt me jump because he asked if I was comfortable. I managed to mumble a very small yes. He drizzled some very warm massage oil from the very bottom of my panties all the way down to my ankle.

His hands were so big and so firm as he rubbed all the way up and down my leg. There was so much oil that he could easily slip his hand underneath my hamstring and cut my entire leg in between his hands pulling them down words towards my ankle. That is when I started to notice that he was not being very careful with his hands. He kept doing extremely long strokes but every time he came back up to grab the top of my quad his index finger would ever so slightly touch the right side of my vagina!

I tried to ignore it but there was no mistaking that he was doing it on purpose now. Again, my heart began pounding out of my chest. Should I say something? How far was he going to push his luck? Just as I was about to move and say something he pulled the sheet back over my leg and moved to my left leg. 

To be continued.

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