The Massage - Male Masseuse - Part 3

The Massage – Male Masseuse – Part 3

Running his fingers on top of the sheet he came around by my head and started to massage my shoulders. The masseuse pushed the sheet down so that my whole back was free. Up and down he ran his thumbs from my shoulders all the way down to my lower back. As he pulled back up he adjusted his posture so that his boner was laying on the table literally in front of my face. When he again started to rub down my back his cock slid right down my forehead. 

Too scared to move I just shut my eyes and waited for him to move on. Without asking, he unclasped my bra so that he could rub uninterrupted. I guess this was fine since I was on my stomach he couldn’t see my bare breasts anyways. Each stroke down my back he reached farther and farther starting to push my panties down on top of my butt cheeks. Micah moved around the side of the table and began rubbing one hand up towards my neck while the other one went towards my bottom. 

Reaching my bottom, he began to go farther each time, caressing my butt cheeks while grasping the back of my neck. This was turning super sexual in a heart beat. I had never been with a guy but I was learning that having a hand grasp my neck was a huge turn on and I could feel my pussy becoming extremely wet. Micah kept rubbing and slowly shifted his tight body so that his cock fell right into my hand. It startled me so much my hand clasped shut around his massive dick and I felt it throb as if he loved that I finally touched it. Releasing my grasp as fast as I realized what I did he began thrusting his cock over my hand. 

My massage for relaxing my muscle had done the complete opposite. I was so tight, anxious, and nervous I couldn’t even move. Micah continued massaging my butt basically forgetting to even massaging my back. He then took it farther than I could believe. His hand ran straight down the middle of my back, over my panties, rubbed over my butthole straight down to my vagina. Pushing his fingers as deep into my vagina as my panties would allow and pulling his fingers back up over my butthole. 

I could feel his cock throbbing as it rested on my hand. He was so turned on. Again and again, he ran his fingers over my pussy, pushing as far as possible, adding a little circular motion each time. Each time he rub, I got closer and closer to climaxing. At this point, I realized I never truly had an orgasm as this felt far better than anything I had given myself. 

What happened next shook me to my core. As he was making another pass down, this time he slid his hand under my panties, rubbed right over my butthole and slid his huge middle finger straight into my vagina! I was so wet it slid all the way in. Losing all control I let out the loudest moan and gripped his cock again. Micah pulled his finger back up to my butthole and then slid back into my pussy. 

Thrusting his massive erection into my grasp, Micah began to let out moans. Spreading my butt apart he slid a second finger into my vagina and began fingering me as hard as he could. My pussy was stretched so wide just by his two fingers. The sounds of my juices filled the room when something started to happen inside of my. Was I about to orgasm?

Squeezing as hard as I could, I started shaking as I lost all control of my body. My pussy juices flowed all over the table and as I was in the middle of my orgasm, Micah started moaning and thrusting even faster. I felt his cock throb and then something warm in his thin pants. He just ejaculated in my hand!

Both of us trying to catch our breath, Micah slowly pulled his fingers out of my vagina and fixed my panties. He pulled the sheets back over my body and gently rubbed the excess only off of me. As he reached my feet, he thanked me for coming in for a massage and said to take my time getting dressed and quietly left the room. 

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