Spying On My Sister - Part 1

Spying On My Sister – Part 1

My sister was younger than me by two years.  She was an extremely athletic girl who did competitive sports her whole life. She had ripped abs, toned arms, and perky little breast.  I tried my best to not stare but she did not help her case.  Being in sports, she was constanly in little spank shorts and a sports bra.  I started spying on her in the most subtle ways I could think of. Every night, she would take a shower and I would position myself looking down the hallway of my parents small one story home, trying to catch a glimpse of her in her towel. Naturally, she would never take her pajamas into the bathroom for her shower, she would walk dripping wet, wrapped only in a towel back to her room.

Knowing it was wrong to be attracted to my sister, I tried to ignore it.  However, every time I tried to convince myself to stop spying on her, she would walk by in a skin tight sports bra.  It was getting so bad that even the sight of her was giving me an erection.  One night when she went to shower, I went to my room and cracked the door.  My room was right across from the bathroom so I had a perfect view for when she came out.  I began fantasizing about what she might be doing in there.  Washing her perky little boobs with soap, or maybe she was rubbing her tight little vagina.  The thoughts racing through my mind, I got under my sheets and began stroking my cock.  When the shower turned off, my dick began pulsing, I was trying to wait and cum as soon as she walked out.

The door clicked open and I saw her wrapped in her towel and soaking wet.  Then the best possible scenario happened.  She had forgot her brush in the bathroom so she turned around.  Bending down to pick up her brush, her towel pulled up exposing her bare button and I absolutely lost it.  I shot the biggest load all over the inside of my blanket.  My orgasm was so strong it took me better part of five minutes to gain my composure and find some tissue to clean up my mess.

Not long after that night, we went swimming in our pool with our parents.  Now, imagine the situation here.  I can barely control my erections when I see here and now I am stuck in a pool with her in a bikini!  The shape of her body, her beautiful breast, and the best part was I could see a perfect camel toe.  I spent most of our time in the pool avoiding everyone since my penis decided it was a great time for a boner.  Naturally, my sister put on goggles and was swimming laps around the pool making it terrifying trying to hide my massive erection. As my parents were getting out, my sister suggested we get in the hot tub.  My parents said no but I happily obliged and quickly ran to the hot tub so as to not draw attention to the bulge in my pants.

She laid her head back and closed her eyes making it the perfect situation spying on beautiful breast and stroke my cock.  I swear she was doing it on purpose, she was sticking her chest out so he hard nipples were clear as day in the cold wind above the water. Carefully watching her to make sure her eyes were closed, I pulled my cock out of my swimsuit and began stroking it long and hard.  I could tell she was getting hot as sweat started to form on her forehead.  With her eyes closed she rolled over and leaned out of the hot tub to check her phone and get some cool air.  In doing this, I was staring straight at her amazingly tight little ass.

That’s when I realized I had a situation going on below the water.  I was incredibly close to cumming and did not know if I had the will power to stop. As if this was some sick joke, she turned on some music and began swaying her butt back and forth right in front of my face.  I don’t think she was doing this intentionally, in fact I am pretty sure she hated me, but I was about to lose it.  Stroking my raging cock, watching every motion, looking at every crease of her butt, even a subtle outline of her vagina!  That’s when I realized it was too late.  I could not stop my orgasm from happening.  As I just began to cum, she turned around and sat down! I stopped stroking immediately so she wouldn’t noticed but it was too late.  My cock started throbbing and my cum started shooting out. I tried to show know emotion but the bubbles and jets were tickling my penis so bad my eyes wanted to roll back in my head.

Finally gaining composure, I closed my eyes and prayed that she wouldn’t see my load in the water.  Luckily, a few minutes later she got out and headed inside.  I waited a few minutes for my erection to go away and went inside.

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