The Massage - Male Masseuse - Part 2

The Massage – Male Masseuse – Part 2

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The hot oil made me forget what was happening and I relaxed until again his fingers started bumping up against my extremely moist pussy. I moved my arms and grabbed the edge of the table which seemed to notify Micah that I was uncomfortable because he stopped touching my vagina. He finished his massage on that leg, covered it up, and as he was walking up the side of table, something hit me hand that was gripping the edge. He had an erection!

I jerked my hand back as fast as I could and just shut my eyes since he was coming up to my shoulders. Micah started reaching under my neck to massage my traps. Now, that was actually what I was here for. Working out all the knots in my traps, reaching under to my shoulder blades, this was exactly what I needed. 

As I was day dreaming about volleyball, Micah pulled his hands back and moved my bra straps off of my shoulders. He was trying to get a better reach and probably didn’t want to get oil all over my bra so I didn’t think much of it. With one smooth motion he moved from behind my neck to rubbing the very top of my chest. Pushing his fingers down into my arm pits and rubbing his thumbs deep into my pecs. 

My breathing picked up in anticipation of what he my try next. Each time he he began to massage down the top of my breast he began to go deeper and deeper. My nipples apparently thought this was great because they were as hard as I had ever felt. I tried to distract myself and grabbed the edge of the table again. Micah noticed and took one deep plunge. He moved his hands from my arm pits and pushed them all the way down my breast until he hit my extremely pokey nipples. Then he squeezed as much of my breast as he could and pulled his hands back slowly.

I let out a gasp/moan that I didn’t even mean to and looked up to see him smiling at me. Shutting my eyes as fast as I could I continued to grip the table. Micah must have took my moan as an invitation and he again reached under my bra and massaged my breasts! I was frozen with fear. My mouth wouldn’t work. Laying there I just tried to pretend I was anywhere else. 

That’s when I noticed my vagina was soaking wet. What was happening?! Was I actually enjoying this? I let my mind come back to reality and realized that his strong hands on my boobs was a sensation I had never felt before. Honestly, no one had ever touched my breasts before. I decided to just relax and let it happen, it was only my boobs, and it did feel amazing. Micah must have noticed me relax because he was no longer being shy and was grabbing my entire breast and began pinching and pulling on my nipples each time. Now that felt incredible. 

Micah pulled his hands off of my breast and said it was time to roll onto my stomach. I tried to roll over as discreetly as possible and he exposed my right leg. This time I could feel he moved the sheet a lot farther than he need and I’m sure my panties were fully exposed. At least I was wearing cheeky boy shorts so I let it go. He drizzled the hot oil all the way from the bottom of my butt to my ankle and began to massage my whole leg. 

Just like on my back, his massaging strokes got longer and longer. He was running his hands all the way up to my butt cheek and his inner hand not stopping until it ran into my moist pussy. There was no way he didn’t fee how wet I was. On the next stroke, he slid his hand under my cheeky panties and grabbed my entire butt check. I jumped and grabbed the table. However, this time he didn’t take it as a hint but as an invitation and again slid under my panties. Oh my God did that feel good. 

I didn’t even realize that every time he reached under my panties I let out a a subtle moan. Micah must have noticed because each time he pushed and grabbed just a little harder. Every time he pushed forward, my pubic bone was shoved into the table which also felt amazing. I was so overcome with pure excitement and fear at the same time I thought I was going to explode. 

The masseuse covered up my leg and moved to the other side. As he was pulling the sheet up and exposing my butt I felt something him my hand again. He was rock hard. I left my hand there for a minute to see what he would do and he started rhythmically humping the table letting his hard cock brush over my hand. After a handful of thrusts into my hand he moved down towards my feet and began to massage my leg all the way up under my panties again. 

As he was massaging up to my butt cheek, he started spending more time time letting his fingers rub up against my wet panties. His big hands began to slowly rub up my entire vagina instead of just pressing his fingers up against my pussy lips. Back and forth he went up and down my leg, rubbing his fingers from my clit all the way just below my butthole. 

On the last rub up my leg before he moved on, he used one hand to firmly grab my butt cheek and pulled it hard to the side so when his inside reached my vagina his fingers pushed into my panties and I felt his massive fingers penetrate my pussy! They couldn’t have gone that far in but I have never had anything in my vagina before. I let out the biggest moan. He continued the upward motion and ran his fingers right over my butthole and pulled the sheet down. 

To be continued.

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