The Hot Tub Affair - Part 3

The Hot Tub Affair – Part 3

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I couldn’t stop thinking about how Cole had sex with my fiancé in our hot tub. She did not seem to have any remorse about it and frankly seemed the happiest she had ever been. That’s when I decided, it was my turn and I was going to have sex with Peyton right in front of her. I began insisting we have another date night with them and my fiancé obviously did not have an issue with it. The next day Peyton and Cole came over and we went straight out back. It’s almost as if everyone knew exactly what was coming and wanted to get right to it. We all undressed into our swimsuits and got right into the hot tub. I wasted no time, I sat on the outside this time and pulled Peyton back to me and started rubbing her shoulders. She immediately relaxed back into and my fiancé and Cole just watched. Too eager to take my time I started to let my hands wander and reached lower and lower towards her breasts. Looking over her shoulders I had the best view of her perky tits and rock hard nipples. 

I started to massage her breasts to which Peyton let out some little moans letting me know I was on the right track. Her swimsuit top was very loose today and as I rubbed her boobs her nipples began to show and her top was falling away. I reached down her tight stomach with one hand slowly making my way down to her vagina. My penis was already so hard I had to adjust so I pulled Peyton up on to my lap so that my cock could rise up between her legs. As I began to rub her pussy and make circles around her clit she reached up and pulled her top completely off! 

Cole and my fiancé were not being shy either. Cole had completely removed her top and was fingering her from behind just as I was to Peyton! Watching them was such a turn on, I pulled Peytons bottoms to the side and slid my fingers deep inside her throbbing pussy. She let a moan and her body writhed in excitement. The best decision I made was wearing my loose basketball shorts because with very little effort my raging erection had found its way out of the leg hole. I could feel my cock bouncing off my hand as I continued to finger Peyton.

I decided this was my chance to make a move. In one motion I reached my hand up to her neck to pull her up, I pulled my fingers out of her vagina and shoved my dick straight in. Peyton gasped and my dick let out the biggest throb ever just shy of premature ejaculation. I shoved Peytons body all the way down completely inserting my massive erection inside of her. Peyton took over and started grinding her perfectly round ass on my lap. Her vagina felt so good on my penis I could barely keep my composure. 

As Peyton started to bounce up and down on my dick, my fiancé sat up and started to kiss Peyton! Bending forward gave the perfect opportunity to Cole and he inserted his massive 8 inch cock inside my fiancé again. Watching my fiancé make out with her best friend while getting fucked from behind was my picture perfect fantasy. 

After several minutes I was getting close to cumming so I positioned Peyton face to face with my fiancé and started thrusting from behind. My thrust were so strong Peyton couldn’t help but moan and gasp. I went harder and harder until I started to feel her pussy convulsing. No way! She was cumming! I lost all control and began to fill her up with the biggest cream pie you could imagine. 

We both fell backwards breathing heavily and turned our attention to the other two. Cole reached up and grab my fiancé by the neck and began fucking her as hard as he could. Both let out moans of pleasure as they both began to orgasm. My fiancé was shaking and Cole was so stiff as he loaded her pussy with his warm cum. 

Everyone sat there in silence. Catching their breath and enjoying the warmth and jets of the hot tub. This became our dirty secret of how we all began to share our spouses. 

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