My First Cuckhold Experience Part 1

We recently built a new house in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the state. My wife and kids were extremely happy, the neighborhood was safe, and the neighbors were great. As we got to know people, my wife gravitated towards a couple that I found interesting. The wife was extremely hot and the man had a very intriguing sense about him. The way he handled his wife and the way he interacted with me was almost weird. I didn’t think too much about it but as time went on I started to notice more and more quirks.

His wife Janet had started to cut my hair each month. It was great, I didn’t have to find time to go to the barber, she was cheaper, and always seemed to wear something extremely inappropriate. These outfits were always a skirt that was way too short, a white tank top that showed her nipples in great detail, or a loose sun dress that barely contained her breast. I did not mind in the least bit. It did make me feel a little bad that I was cheating on my wife but I always convinced myself I was just looking at not touching.

No touching didn’t last long. After probably the fourth or fifth haircut she seemed to get more relaxed. As she walked around me, she started to let her breasts rub up against me or find the most proactive way to lean towards me giving me looks straight down her blouse. She was’t the only one getting more brave. I began to relax around her and letting me hands wander during hugs. I start to let me hands fall down and grope her tight bottom and reach around far enough I could all but cup her breast.

Each haircut things went farther and farther. She told me after this last haircut that she started offering facials. Not wanting to disaapoint her, I agreed. After rubbing several cleansers and cremes on my face she put a warm towel covering my entire view and told me to relax and let the heat sink in. As I laid there completely blind she picked up my hands and started massaging lotion into them. She was not being shy either. I could feel my hands gently grazing her stomach and I swear even her breasts.

Next month, the same thing happened. Except Janet took it quite a bit farther. As my face was covered she began massaging my thighs all the way up to my hips. I tried to not think about it but my cock reacted faster than I could think! Without any warning, I had a full blown erections that I am sure she could see through my jeans beings that I was not average in size. I was lucky enough to be blessed with an 8 inch penis that had more girth than most girls could handle. That’s when I heard Janet gasp. She saw it. There was no avoiding it.

I stayed absolutely still and held my breath. After what seemed like an eternity she started rubbing my legs again. However, she left her hands bump up against my raging erection. Somewhat frozen in fear and embarassment I did not stop her. This went on for what must have been 10-15 minutes. Slowly runnning hands up my thighs, grazing along my penis, all the way to the tip. She must have realized time was up and finish the facial an was on my way.

To be continued…

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