Spying On My Sister - Part 2

Spying On My Sister – Part 2

A few days after my orgasm in the hot tub, I was aching for another encounter.  Unfortunately between school and sports she was hardly around.  Spying on my sister her after the shower was slowly losing its arousal and I was dying for more.  That is when I realized our bathroom had a few small windows and the last one was reachable by standing on our entry way gate.  My mind began racing.  Could she see me through the window at night time? It was on the front of a busy neighborhood street, how much traffic would there be? What would I do if someone caught me peeking?

I decided to run an experiment and I hung a little piece of blue string from the roof outside of the window.  That night, close to the time my sister took a shower, I went in and investigated the window.  I couldn’t believe it. Since it was night time and there was not a moon out, I could not see the string at all! I decided it was worth a shot.  Seeing my sister naked was the only thing on my mind. After my parents went to bed I slid outside. Like clock work, at 8:30 the bathroom light clicked on.  My heart began pounding and my adrenaline was racing. I looked up and down the street for any cars or people that may come by.  The coast was clear so I carefully climbed up the entry way gate and slowly peaked my head high enough I could barely see through the window.

It was working! I could see her staring in the mirror messing with her hair.  She walked over towards the shower to turn it on and looked directly up at the window. I panicked and shrunk down.  Did she see me? I waited a few minutes to make sure she didn’t come out front and slowly peaked my head up again.  She was already in the shower, I missed her undressing! I stood up even higher to look down on her and I could she the faint outline of her breast as she was washing her hair.  The window began fogging up and it was getting harder and harder to see. Not wanting to get caught, I quietly went back inside.

The next night I might sure I was outside and ready for the show to start.  As soon as the light clicked on, I jumped up on the gate and started spying on my sister her through the window.  This time she seemed to be in a hurry.  She pulled her shirt over her head revealing a white sports bra which showed her beautifully erect nipples.  The site of her pokey nipples gave me an instant hard on. My sister then pulled her shorts down revealing a bright red thong! I did not know what kind of underwear she wore.  She kept them hidden all the time and now I knew why. Thongs and bright colors would not be approved my mom, that’s for sure.  She walked over to the toilet, pulled down her thong giving me a clear view of her bare butt. With her back to me, she straddled the toilet and started peeing standing up!

Was my sister just as kinky as I was? I thought girls always sat down to pee.  Watching her stand there letting her pee flow, I got the hardest erection.  I started to rub my penis through my pants when I heard a car coming down the street. I jumped off the gate and hid behind out little entry way and the car drove by. It was a cop. My heart pounded out of my chest.  Had one of the neighbors seen me and called the cops? Was he just patrolling?  As soon as he passed, I ran inside and locked the door.

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