Spying On My Sister - Part 3

Spying On My Sister – Part 3

After my scare with the police car driving by, I gave it a few days before I tried again.  This time I didn’t even wait for the light.  I was standing on the gate, wearing nothing but loose basketball shorts, waiting for the shower to begin.  Spying on my sister had taken over my whole life. It is literally all I thought about from the time I woke up and until I went to bed.  When the light clicked on I started rubbing my relaxed penis. She took off her shirt and this time to my surprise she took off her sports bra next! As she pulled up her sports bra, her perky little breasts popped right out of it.  My cock began to grow faster than I had ever seen. She leaned over and pulled her shorts and thong off in one motion. 

To my surprise she had a clean shaven pussy! I always thought she would of had a bush but I guess with sports she would of had to clean it up.  At this time my cock was fully erect and I was stroking it on the outside of my shorts.  She stood looking at herself in the mirror turning from side to side checking out her body.  I had the best view. I could see everything.  Her bare breast, her perky nipples, her tiny shaven pussy, and her amazingly tight ass.  My sister got in the shower and started washing.  Watching her rub soap all over her athletic body was almost to much to believe.

She must have been in a frisky mood. Spying on her slowly washing herself, her body language was very sexual.  Spending prolonged periods of time washing her breasts or letting her fingers rub over her clit, I almost thought she was putting on a show in the shower. She put the soap away and was standing with her back to me for quite awhile under the water.  Wondering what she was doing, I kept rubbing my dick to try and keep my erections.  That’s when she turned and leaned her back against the wall.  She was masturbating!  Her hand was rubbing tight circles around her clit while her other hand massaged her breast.

My erection came back immediately and so fast I almost shot my load.  I slowed my strokes on my cock so that I could enjoy spying on my sister masturbating as long as possible. I watched her hand slip up and down her shaved pussy, watching her breathing pick up, I figured she was close. I couldn’t take it.  I pulled my dick out of my shorts, on top of the gate, in plain view of the street and began stroking it to make myself cum.  My sister started rubbing faster and I watched her grab her breast has tight as she could.  Her head pushed back and I watched her tight little body begin to shake. She was having an orgasm right in front of my eyes.  The sight of my little sister reaching her climax was too much and I began to orgasm.  My cock shot the biggest load of semen I had ever seen.  All over the wall of our home, dripping down my hand and getting all over my shorts.

By the time I had finished my orgasm, I looked back up and she was already in her towel and heading towards the door. I stood there in disbelief for a few reasons.  One being that I just found out my little sister masturbates.  Another being that I just rubbed out a huge load in my front yard.  Lastly, I just jerked off to my sister and at the same time that she did!  I pulled up my shorts and tip-toed back inside.  This would be a night I never forgot.

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